Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am a huge and I mean huge, Let's say gross coffee addiction. I need coffee then why when I am pregnant can I not stand the smell of it let along drink it. Every single pregnancy around the first month I cannot smell it or drink it. So I go without it the entire pregnancy never think about it, then bammmmmmm. As soon as baby is born, I am drinking coffee again. Go figure. I have no clue I have never heard of this with anyone before. But I am thinking about at the very least trying to drink decaf if I think I need it after this one. I think I am just strange, But maybe you have had something similar that you can't touch or even look at during pregnancy then as soon as baby comes you actually crave it again. Lemme know so I don't sit here thinking I am the only goofy one, tee hee. I am outta here for today, It is gonna take me all day to make this really easy dinner I have planned, Since I have to take breaks for gagging hahahaha, But I am doing it!!! Happy Sunday to you all, Michelle


Scottish Twins said...

Ugh. Morning sickness is the worst.

I can't stand the smell of coffee either when I'm pregnant. I remember with my first pregnancy, the bathrooms at work were right beside the coffee area. People would let the coffee get low in the pot and it would start to burn. That smell would make me immediately vomit (good thing it was right by the bathroom).

I can't stand milk when I'm pregnant, but I always crave it when I have the baby and I'm nursing.