Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer of learning!!!

Hellooo everyone!!!! I am still here. I wanted to give a quick update on the pregnancy although this has been the toughest of all my pregnancies, I am 28 weeks and all is going well. Well if you don't count the extreme tiredness and the nausea , to which I think I am getting a bit used to. I had some good news at the last Dr. visit, I gained 8 lbs in 2 months. This is unusual for me since my last 2 pregnancies I never gained any weight but lost. I am hoping to get the baby into that 6 lb area at least this time!!! And even more so I am hoping to get into that 38-40 week range.
Now on to my summer of learning. I have been on a learning kick this summer. I love learning but this summer I just want to know it all!!! I have been reading like mad, Internet and library books. I have been perfecting my gardening and keeping a garden journal. Although I have done much better this year with garden I am still having trouble with some things. I did get many tomatoes this year with my 1 tomato plant. Since figuring out how to keep the squirrels away I see now I can plant more of these next year. Once again my beans and peas did not do well. I think I have finally figured out how to grow them next year with some easy plans I found online for building a simple string setup for them to keep off the ground. I also finally got cucumbers to grow. I lost 4 of my 8 plants early on to rotting on the ground. I had an old crib that I could not bear to throw out and broke it down and used the slats, 3 slats to a plant to build a teepee type system and trained the remaing plants up the slats and then zip tied them to the top and now in just a few weeks I have about 10 cukes growing huge. I now know how to do this next year and plan on planting many more. I also got my sunflowers to grow this year and my bell peppers. I posted early summer about getting my dehydrator and have been going like mad with that this summer and experimenting with different dehydrating techniques. I have quite a stockpile of fresh herbs and done a few jars of sun dried tomatoes, among other things. I have a vacuum bag system on my Christmas wish list this year!!!
Last week I cashed in $25 of my swag bucks and purchased from a water canner. I am going to do my first canning this week, I have 20 lbs of peaches to can and tomatoes for sauces. I have been having the kids searching like crazy to earn more swag bucks so I can get the steam canner. I would love to have a nice pantry of canned foods for the winter. I will blog more about this as I learn and post pictures soon.
Hope all is going well for you all this summer!!! Michelle


Scottish Twins said...

Sounds like you've been very busy! I'm glad things are going well with you. Take care :)

frugalredneck said...

Thanks so much, I appreciate the thouht, Michelle have a wonderful rest of summer!!! Michelle