Friday, August 13, 2010

Nesting mode

I love the nesting part of pregnancy. My family maybe not so much since I make them help hehehe. I have been really feeling an urgency to get ready for the baby. I have been quite lax and lazy this time around. Usually I have everything I need by now and I really don't have anything much yet. I still need a crib and all that stuff. I have plenty of clothing to start off with. This last week I felt the house was not in order. And incorporated everyone in helping with get things in order to where I felt it was ready for a little one again. I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday, He scheduled my c-section for October 21st, although none of us think I will make it that long. I have had braxton hicks every night for a month now. Nothing to bad but I feel them intensifying. I am hoping I make it to 36 or 37 weeks. I am 29 weeks now. Doctor said everything looks good thus far. I did finally gain 8 lbs 2 check up ago, But this last time I lost that. But good news is the baby is growing. The last 3 pregnancies I have not gained anything ended at my normal weight. I would like to see the baby get beyond that 5 lb mark. Just going to concentrate on getting the things we need now, We have put the word out around town for things we need, so waiting to see what comes in first. Wishing you a great weekend all!!! Michelle


ohiomommy said...

If you have a local freecycle group in your area, you could try posting on there. Go to yahoo groups and type in you location with freecycle and see what you come up with. There is always tons of baby stuff on ours. I wish you the best :)