Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Years!!!!

Happy New Years!!!! What would a New Years be without some goals for the coming year. I made my master list of all I would like to get done this year. Guidelines to things that need to be done or I would like to do. I hang this up on my bulletin board so that I can see it all year. I don't pressure myself but whenever I have a block of time that is open I almost always can glance at it and get something done off the list.
Somethings on my list for 2011....
Start teaching classes on stockpiling and extreme couponing.
Get some dental work done
Clean out storage areas in house ( Sunroom, closets etc)
Get my yard ready for planting in fall the way I wanted to do it last year but did get done.
Get my seedling started early again this year
Cooking even more from scratch and cutting the food bill of course
Baking more bread than last year

I find if I can see these all the time I have a better chance of gettting them done. I currently have about 50 things on my list. If I only got one done a week I could do it all. Well gotta run today starts our first day back to homeschooling since our December break ( focused on holiday learning instead of regular school). Happy New Year again to all....Michelle