Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bye Bye bad stuff

Well it has been 5 months since I gave up coffee and 2 months since I took everyone off of soda. I was not a huge soda drinker so It did not effect me as much as the older kids and hubby. The reason that I took them all off soda is because of hubby. He has been having horrible and I mean horrible stomach problems and digestive problems for months and months. I finally made him go to the doc and come to find out he had so much build up in his colon that he had a bacterial infection. He was a disgusting Coke drinker and I have been on him for years to cut down or cut it out. He averaged about 6 cans of coke a day and probably 2 32oz drinks while working. When the doc found that out she said quit the coke or die. He quit cold turkey and is doing good. He has not had one in over a month. We found some alternatives. He tried tea and that was just too drastic for him. So I made him sweet tea and I lessen the sugar in it each week. We also went with the flavored soda water when he needs something fizzy. He is getting more used to water as time goes by. I am so happy to be rid of these horrible drinks, The health benefits are amazing not to mention the financial. He also per doc had to give up fried foods. I don't fry here at home. And he was a bad bad fast food eater. Amazingly he gave that up too. He is feeling so much better for it.
Although I don't believe in the censorship that is going on around the country with the government getting involved in what we choose. Cutting out these things on your own and not buying them or giving them to your kids is a CHOICE you must make on your own and it is a good and smart choice. Try just cutting out one bad thing a month, Before you know it you won't even miss it, Or actually you will when you feel a 1000 times better. Have a healthy weekend all, Michelle


Wretha said...

That's great! Giving up soda is hard, I did it many years ago, now if I drink a soda, I don't like it very much, it's too strong, too bubbly, too sweet, it assults my mouth. :) I don't miss it at all! Give me plain, cool water, maybe with a bit of lemon, but that's all. Plain tea is good too, especially on a hot day. Eventually the kids will appreciate it too, though it might be a while... ;)

frugalredneck said...

Thanks wretha, LOVE your blog!!! The younger kids don't really notice, But oh my the teenagers bahahaha, but as you say they will get used to it and thank me later!!! Michelle