Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready for the squeeze

I spent the last few days working on my menu planning and got it all done, Made up my lists and headed out. First I did coupon shopping. My coupon shopping as hard as it was not to buy other things I had coupons for were just for things that were in my menu plan. My total started at $179 and ended after coupons at $107. These inculded household things like 6 packs of huggies diapers on rollback for $8.99 with $3off coupons, 6 $2 off pampers wipes that were $.24 cents after my $2 off coupons and 3 huggies wipes that were $2.47 each with $2.50 off. 2 welch's grape juice bottles that were $3.62 with $2 off each bottle. Danino yogurt that were $2.06 with $1.50 off one.

My second trip was non coupon items. I have to do my shopping in 2 trips anyway each time, One for coupons and one for non coupons. Because it just takes too long and I usually have all the kids in tow and it just gets too much for them. My second trip, which had to include some things we needed like antifreeze for the car ( $12 ouch)Total was $124 and included family pack chicken, family pack ground chuck and family pack of steaks. So we were at $231. I then took $45 and went to the Thursday farmers market here in town and got 18 tomatoes which I made salsa with last night. 4 huge cantaloupes, 2 lbs green beans, 3 lbs snap peas, 1 bunch cilantro, 3 jalepenos, 1 head of cabbage ( I have been craving of all things coleslaw lol ), 2 bunches of broccoli, 4 bunches of super huge green onions ( the bulbs at the end are large enough to use as reg. onions), I also splurged on an Amish family selling cakes and breads ( The kids caught my eye as well as the breads) I bought 1 cinnamon bread and 1 peach cobbler bread. I washed and soaked all the veggies in vinegar water and froze them in portions. So my shopping trip ended at $276 with a little extra for loss leaders over the next 2 weeks or milk.

It helped out so much preparing the meal plans and grocery list and sticking to it. I saved a bunch of money and have everything I need for the next two weeks meals, Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners. I have made every Friday night pizza night so tonight is homemade pizza night, The best part being my son makes these so not much for me to do.

My salsa was simply tomatoes cilantro jalepenos green onions tops and bottoms salt and lime juice. I have never made salsa before so I just added stuff until everyone said it was awesome. I ended up with 8 quart jars. Now I just need to make the tortilla chips and we are set!!!! Have a great weekend all!!! Michelle


Elizabeth said...

Maybe you would be interested in reading my June challenge which is to raise my family of 5 on $1,200 this month (includes bills, mortgage...everything!)

frugalredneck said...

Yessssss I surely would, tytyty going there now!!!!!