Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lucky #7 issssssssss

Baby # 7 is a BOY. My 5th boy, 4th in a row. We got the best ultrasound pics I have ever had, and our first DVD. It was so great to see the boys watch the video they just wanted to watch it over and over again. The girls were a bit disappointed but soon got over it. Boys are comfortable to me, I have had nothing but boys for so long that I am used to them lol. All in all everything is fine, Baby is doing great was moving all over during the ultrasound and baby measures at 19 weeks. Doc said he looked great!!! I have not been feeling well at all and my blood pressure getting high at times I was really worried but felt better today. Just wanted to let you all know and as soon as I can figure out my new scanner I will scan in the ultrasound pics for you to see. Have a great week all I know I will, Michelle