Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting ready for the Holidays

I am not a year round shopper. I am just not that fond of shopping. Shopping is a chore to me. But I do start the beginning of October getting ready for the holidays. My hubby bought me a new used sewing machine last month so I will get busy on sewing some stuff for the kids for Christmas. I make them all a blanket every year or the little ones quilts. I am going to make all the little ones quillow pillows this year. I will take $25 each check and allocate it to holiday stuff. I start with food items that are on sale that week that I know I will need for the holidays. I have my menus all worked out and a list of all the food items needed. Listed Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas tree decorating night, Christmas decorating night, Christmas eve, Christmas morning, New years eve, New years day and then I have a baking list. We are complete creatures of habit so I know already exactly what we will be having. Then I have a list of all items needed for each one, down to a spice. I do this from years of having hubby have to run out and try to find something at the last minute because I forgot to buy it. (One year I can't believe I forgot stuffing mix and If you have ever had to go out on thanksgiving and find a box of stuffing mix, it is imposssssssible). Holiday coupons will start coming out very soon. Baking stuff I leave until the two weeks before Thanksgiving because these are when flour, sugar etc go on sale, and with the price of sugar right now we are on a sugar diet!!!!
I cannot stress how much stress this takes off of the holidays having all this stuff already done and not having to run to the store during the mad mad days just before. Cooking it all is stressful enough. I would say to give this a shot this year and see how much of a difference this makes for you this year. My next post will be more on getting ready for the holidays gifting. Happy Tuesday bloggers, Michelle


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,
Just checking in...making sure all is well for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!