Friday, September 10, 2010

Pregnancy update

Had my 33 week check up today. Lost another 5 lbs, although I felt like I was eating more. I just for some reason lose weight when pregnant. Go figure cause I don't have that problem otherwise lol. Dr. set my next appointment for September 27th but was unsure wether or not I would make it that far. Baby has dropped and is in head down position. And since I have had so the braxton hicks everyday for a month now and my history of having babies a month early he is not sure I will make it to October. But he said because of my having no health problems and no problems in the past with the babies or the delivery everything will be fine. He did say to walk as less possible and just cut down my activity somewhat to help me get further along. I was certain this baby was humongous lol But with the measurements and him feeling the baby he said if I have the baby this month we are still only looking at a 5 lb baby. If I can get to around the 10th of October we could be looking at a 5 1/2 to 6 lb. So I am aiming for the atleast the 10th of October. Anyway that is about it. I have everything ready just in case. Crib is set up, Dresser is set up and house is babified. I went today and put a few things I needed on layaway at Kmart which is just across the street. I put all the stuff for the cloth diapering I would need as it was bogo 50% off. I also got 4 small glass bottles just in case I have any troubles breastfeeding I can pump and use the glass bottles which are BPA free and easier to clean and sanitize. I always get every new baby a new blankie ( or as we call them here a pretty)(not sure how they got nicknamed pretty but oh well). And I also got a pack n play that was the cadillac of pack and plays on clearance for $70. It is a Winnie the pooh and has the removable bassinet with mobile and one whole side has storage shelves. Really nice. Anyway that can be picked up quick and brought home with us if the baby comes earlier then expected. My oldest did an awswome job of scavaging the Resale stores and friends and came up with a gorgeous sleigh crib for $100 including mattress, complete bedding set for boy, matching mobile, matching wall decor, matching lamp and a few other odds and ends thrown in. She also found the cadillac of high chairs which I wanted this time, That lay back all the way almost like a car seat for $35. And a $150 dollar car seat looks brand new for free. Anyway gotta run I am really tired from today. Have a great weekend bloggers. Michelle