Friday, December 17, 2010

A different Christmas

We had a family meeting at the start of the month, to discuss Christmas. We have unanimously decided to have a no gift Christmas. OK OK don't panic. We are doing Christmas just not gifts. Money is tight, but that is not the reason for the no gifts. We just want to see if our Christmas can be more meaningful without the gifts and commercialism. So far so good. We sat down and came up with many many projects and fun activities to do to celebrate. We made a thousand Applesauce ornaments for the tree. We made gingerbread houses last night. We have every Christmas movie known to man. We are taking advantage of ABC family 25 days of Christmas and Netflix, which offers many of the religious Christmas shows to watch instantly on our TV through the Wii. We make cookies everyday. We have a huge feast and fun things planned Christmas eve and Christmas day. I will have a small bag ( like a stocking) filled Christmas morning with useable or educational items. We have decided to take the money we have not used for gifts and in January we are going to take off for a day trip and spend the whole day as a family. So far this Christmas holiday has been the most memorable and the most awesome ever!!! I want to state again no gifts have been purchased. I hope we all look back on this Christmas as the best Christmas ever and how much we learned about eachother. I will keep everyone posted on how Christmas eve and Christmas day went. Love to you all and Merry Merry Christmas to you all!!! Michelle


Sabrina said...

That's very cool, Michelle! Please let us know how it all goes. We have toned down the gift thing, but for now, we are still doing it.

~Tonia said...

We toned down the gift thing a few years ago and its worth it.. We watch movies, play games, have lots of food and spend the day together!
Hope you all love it!

frugalredneck said...

Woohoo, tyty sabrina and tonia, It is comforting to know that others have done it too. I have high hopes and think we will have the best Christmas ever!!! Michelle and I will post Immediately how it all went with pics hopefully if my son can fix my camera lol But at the very least phone pics lol