Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being positive does not always come easy

Hello everyone. Once again I have missed you all and I just got all caught up on reading everyones blogs. I have not got into my groove yet from having the baby and am looking forward to that day!!!

I have had a hard time the last few months being positive. Life is tough lol. Jeremiah is just the snuggliest baby ever, But I have to admit he is my hardest as far as he is extremely needy, only wants me to hold him and wants me to hold him constantly. I bought a baby carrier so I can atleast get some things done while I hold him. In alot of ways I love it, he is my last baby and I soooo want to enjoy every single milisecond. But having all these kids on my own and not being able to put him down creates challenges. The 6 year olds and the 3 year old seem very jealous, so I have been making the absolute most of my time with them. The twins and the 3 year old have serious cabin fever from these frigid below zero temps we have been having, I pray for an early spring. Just living off child support and a little alimony makes doing things hard. Atleast in the summer we can enjoy the park and the zoo here in town for free. These past few months have depressed me a little. Thank goodness I don't have much free time on my hands so not so much time to be depressed lol.
Things were looking really bleak a few weeks ago. I was sitting one night all kids in bed. Jeremiah was sound asleep on the couch next to me...and I started thinking.....How stinking lucky am I??? I have a house that is paid off.....My car is almost paid off and in good working order.....I was so lucky to have twins I got to exprience that and not everyone does.....I was so lucky to have 7 children who think I am the most awesome. It humbled me and made me cry grateful tears. I made myself a book, just a little one. I took some time to decorate the outside and inside I wrote down all the little things I feel so lucky to have had or experienced......
Having twins
Having 7 children
Having twins and 7 children and never a miscarriage or sickly child
My house paid off
Being best friends with my oldest daughter
Having my 18 year old son still be mommy's boy
My kids getting excited over every little thing I decide each week that I know is crazy and I know they think is crazy but supporting me anyway.
and so on. I also put a picture of all them in there. I am going to use this when I get a little down. I think just looking at this will be a great pick me up.
Some things picked up after that. I got $4000 of the tax money and paid off some bills and spent $1500 on clothes for the year for the kids and shoes, I used $1000 of that money to stockpile the house. I spent 2 weeks shopping the sales and now have 6 months of toilet paper and toiletries. 3 months of food, foil, baggies. And a few months of everything else that would be needed to run the house. I also had enough left over to get a much needed new pot and pan set and a few things for myself.
I have also made up my mind from speaking to people in the community and starting in April I am going to hold a coupon and stockpiling class and see how that goes. It is something I really love doing and would love to share that with others. I also am checking into donating a coupon class to the teen pregnancy center so they could learn how to get more for less for their kids. ( I did not even know we had one until I started looking for somewhere to donate Jeremiah's outgrown stuff and all the formula samples I had). This is going to be the best year yet for us!!!! And I hope it is for all of you too!!!! Michelle
Just wanted to let any of the gals around town that I have directed to my blog I will start posting about the coupon class here on my blog end of February.