Monday, February 28, 2011

Coupon class

To all of you from around Independence that I have given my blog and info to: My coupon class will be in March. It will be around the 17th. I will announce on my blog here next week the exact time and place and date. The classes will be on couponing and stockpiling. The first class will be free and I will teach the basics of couponing here in the Independence area including how to get the freebies at Walgreens each week. There will be additional classes at $5.00 each class that will delve further into couponing and stockpiling. I want to note that this is not EXTREME COUPONING like on the TLC show. We do not have the grocery store access here to do that kind of couponing. No stores that double coupons and with Marvins and Country Mart not accepting Internet printed coupons it is not possible to get $2000 worth of groceries for $2. But I will teach you how to save 30%-50% off your grocery bill each week. I will also be teaching a class strictly on Walgreens. The first class will give you the basics on couponing in our area. How to find coupons, how to set up a coupon binder, store policies, printing internet coupons and some basic stockpiling. The stockpiling is getting a 3-6 month food supply built up for many reasons. But the greatest reason for stockpiling is that you free yourself from having to major grocery shop after your stockpile. Once your stockpile is up and running you can then shop sale only and loss leader items each week saving you even more money. I look forward to meeting you all at the class and teaching you how to save money here in Independence. With the coming gas prices and rise in food costs I think you will be very happy you learned all this. Michelle