Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Buy Wednesday

I have quite a list for this week, There are some really good deals out there and I have not done any really large trips in awhile. So here goes for my local readers or any who have these stores. Save a lot Shank ham .99lb pork roast 1.29lb Maxwell house coffee 4.99 6 roll paper towels 3.99 hilshire farms kielbasa 1.99 dry onion soup mix .89 whipped topping .89 bleach .99 snak sak cookies 1.29 I regularly purchase sausage links, flour, sugar,brown sugar, powdered sugar, choc chips,and flats of veggies, beans and soups at save a lot and will this time too. I would compare save a lot with aldi's myself. Dollar tree is next I need my monthly items from here 10 packages of flour tortillas 10 packages of corn tortillas 10 boxes of ziploc baggies total $30 Marvin's Grocery Store Birds eye veggies and steamers .78 - all the coupons that are out there from Sunday inserts, I hope to purchase at least 20 of these with coupons. Kellogg's cereal $1.78 each plus my coupons Skippy peanut butter is .98 each limit 2 plus my coupons 10lb potatoes 2.99 act 11 popcorn 3 pk 5/5 plus my coupons post cereal 5/10 plus my coupons Betty crocker muffin mixes and pizza crust mixes 3/1 mc cormick vanilla 1.99 plus coupons mc cormick taco,burrito,enchilada,fajita seasoning 2/1 sargento cheese 2/4 plus coupons sunny d 2/3 5 lb ore ida potatoes 4.99 maruchan ramen noodles chicken 4 (6packs) $5 2 bars fels naptha soap Country Mart (Coffeyville, Kansas) libby's fruit 10/10 idahoan potatoes 10/10 mc cormick ranch or spinach mix 10/10 worcestire sauce 10/10 pie filling 10/10 del monte fruit cocktail 10/10 dole pineapple canned 10/10 mc cormick potato seasoning 10/10 kraft salad dressing 10/10 teddy grahams 10/10 armour peperoni 10/10 boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.59lb ( This is a great price for here, I will be buying 25lbs) Rice a roni 2/1 yogurt 20/10 green and red lettuce $1 Kretchmar ham off the bone 4.99lb xtra lean ground beef $2.59 lb (Good ground beef is scarce around here so when It goes on sale at Country Mart here I purchase large quantities, I will be getting 20lbs) Other then a few extras from Walmart that will be it for this week. Looks like our meals this next 2 weeks will consist of Ham dinner, Ham and potato soup,Ham sandwiches, Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Ghoulash,Chicken stir fry, Ranch chicken wraps, Chicken fajitas, Chicken noodle soup with dumplings, BBQ chicken, Pizza 2 times. I don't usually purchase lunch meat ham. But I found a great recipe for the kids to make and it calls for it. Layer in muffin tin One slice of the ham lunch meat, Sprinkle grated cheese and bake 10 minutes at 350. They love to make things themselves and this is easy and simple. Gotta run baby is stirring. Hope we are past the teething for a bit here until the next one comes in, I have missed blogging. Have a great rest of the week all. Michelle