Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home schooling the Twins

We have started daily 2 hour sessions with my twins last week. We have done little things here and there and they are learning constantly, but we started a little bit more structured schooling this week. I have spent the couple years slowly having them learn letter and number recognition colors and shapes, the normal preschool stuff. I wanted to wait until they were ready for writing and reading until I knew that it would not frusterate or exasberate their adhd. The boys are completely different in their learning as I expected. Jacob is quanity not so much quality and joshua is quality not quantity. This I saw was frusterating Joshua when we were learning because Jacob would get done with everything so fast and Joshua was paying more attention to him. So I mix up all the work and have them do different things at different times. This seems to be working. Now to just get Jacob to work on quality. We started this week with rebus rhymes and they seem to really like those, they have memorized the 2 books we were working on. They also are learning to write their names and numbers. Because I see that they learn more hands on rather then paperwork we don't focus too much on papers. We have netflix on the computer and the TV. So I let them one at a time search for movies that they like and spell them out to me while I am cooking or doing something else. They are rapidly learning how to work the computer and mouse and recognizing letters. I also keep all my magazines for them to look through. They love doing crafty things. So I will give them big sheets of paper to cut out letters and numbers and glue them on the papers. I have noticed that in the last few months their curiosity with math. They are wanting to know days weeks months and also simple addition. They are constantly asking me with fingers held up what 3 fingers and 3 fingers are etc. For the days weeks and months, I have made a large calender and we put fun little things on the calendar like today Sunday May 23rd is park day and the train rides at the park. So all week long they have been counting down the day until we go. They are also both getting training wheel bikes on Tuesday so they have been counting down the days and saying the days and numbers each day....about a 1000 times a day lol. Happy Sunday to you all , We are off to the park and the train rides!!!!! Michelle