Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy and Productive weekend

We finally have a what appears to be 3 whole days of sunshine, It has been gloomy and rainy and chilly (to me). The rain is great for the garden, Not so great for kids with cabin fever. I am determined today with bright sunshine to get pictures of the garden today. I was noticing yesterday looking out the laundry room window that my potato plants are hugeeeee. I have to do some reading on potato plants because I quite honestly have no idea when you should dig them up. Anyone know??

Hubby is taking the boys to the park tomorrow for a whole day and a picnic lunch. I have to do some catch up on things I have gotten behind on. We have been out of waffle mix, ranch mix, pancake mix, pancake syrup and cream of chicken soup mix for quite sometime. I was going to make a dump cake last night with some cherry pie filling I had and I was out of cake mix. So tomorrow will be stocking up and dry food canning day. I have kept track of what and how much we use so now I have an idea of how much we will use in a 3 month period. I am going to make up enough of these mixes for 3 months. It is just really nice with so many and so much going on to just be able to grab it and make it.

Last night for dinner I made up the last ham I had from the stockpile from easter. The kids were very happy, But I noticed they were rationing the ham. They were rationing as to have enough for ham and potato soup tonight for dinner. Ham and potato soup is their favorite. I only purchase hams at christmas and easter unless they go on sale which is not often. So tonight is ham and potato soup. I also have quite a stockpile of black berries in the freezer so I think I will make a quick and simple blackberry cobbler.

I have to mention that my oldest son has applied for the maintenance position at the library. He has been anxiously awaiting a phone call from them. He is hoping they call him back on Tuesday when they return to work. This would be great for him, He would work 15 hours a week @ $10 an hour 8am-11am . Then have the rest of the day to build his and work on his computers and solar panels to sell. Wish him luck!!

Have a great Monday and if you have sunshine get out and enjoy it!!!!! Michelle


ohiomommy said...

Michelle, you need to hill dirt or straw up around your potato plants to about 6 inches from the top. The more you keep doing this, the more crop you will have. Make sure no sun gets to the potatoes or they will become green... green = poison... When I do this it looks like I have trenches between my potato rows. Good luck and happy harvesting. Oh, and you can start digging new potatoes ( the little ones) once they flower out.

frugalredneck said...

Well darn I think I did it wrong already, Because we just dug a hole and buried them. Michelle

frugalredneck said...

I buried the potatoes in a hole. Then as the plants grew I buried them some more. Everytime I notice that the dirt is being pushed up I add more dirt. My plants are really big though. In my newest post I put up a picture. It is the pic with the big bushy ones in the ground. I don't know now if they are good or not. And I did read that they needed to flower atleast before I dug them up, which they have not flowered as of yet. Will they still be ok??? MIchelle