Monday, May 17, 2010

I loveee the GRILL

I had a little downtime and wanted to say hi to everyone!!!!

I love my grilllll love love love it. Although we not had hardly a sunny or dry day here in southeast Kansas in quite a bit, I grill. As soon as it stops raining for just a few minutes we grill. It is such an easy clean up and you can grill just about anything. Breads, veggies, meats even pizza. I have not grilled pizza before but hoping to try it out this year.
If you go to
Reynolds has some great great recipes and tips on grilling everything. I cannot stress how easy the clean up is. Less dishes=pure bliss for me!!!!!!
Well gotta run about to have grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad and devilled eggs, Yummmmm. Happy grilling!!!! Michelle


Scottish Twins said...

I forgot to email you back. You can share whatever that email with her :)

I hope all is well in your house. You're in my prayers.

frugalredneck said...

Oh thanks hun, I was worried I said something that made you mad or something. Thanks again for everything. Michelle