Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Friday

Well hello all I am still here, The baby has been battling his tooth all week and I am exhausted and he is grouchy. Well he is starting to pull out of it today I think....One tooth popped up and I think the other one is right there. Gripe water has been helping but he still seems fairly miserable. Anyway hopefully for tomorrow I wanted to post all my seedlings pics and my plan for planting, that is if it ever stays warm enough here, Just when I think after 4 days of 80 during the day and 50 at night cold hits again and it is 25 at night. I want to get my little plants in the ground, I am anxious this year, plus some seem to be outgrowing their little containers. I planted a bit of everything and I will talk about that tomorrow. Just wanted to update on where I have been this week. So now to my frugal tip of the week.......... I use so many rags, Sometimes I can't believe how many rags I use in one week. I was buying them but seemed not right to take brand new washcloths or whatever else was on sale and use for rags. So I started saving and cutting up everything. Tablecloths that were useless, Old t shirts, old bath towels just about everything. I just got done cleaning out the baby clothes and everything he had accidents on or I could not get the stain out of became rags. This saves money buy not buying new and re purposing. It saves from using paper towels which are expensive. It is environmentally friendly and it just feels good. I don't feel the least bit guilty cleaning up something terribly gross and throwing the rag away, it served it's purpose. Well gotta run baby is hungry and tired. Have a great weekend all. Michelle