Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Manic Monday-pics pics pics

Jeremiah gardening in the great outdoors!!

Hard to tell but that is my oldest sone(18 almost 19) and Jeremiah the baby!!! Sniffle sniffle I still remember when the oldest was that small, it went by so darn fast.
Jeremiah just havin fun in his new (used many many times) walker.
The oldest child Kriztina (20) and the Baby Jeremiah 5 months, I love this picture!!!
My three crazies and the crazy fun that now makes up my days, Matthew 3, Jacob 6, Joshua 6 !!!
Jacob always smiling!!!
Jacob and little brother Matthew at the park playground where they mostly live hahaha
Jeremiah with his summer hat

Kriztina and Jacob sworn BFF'S forever!!! The raised bed garden made with old dressers, leftover pieces of weed and odds and ends!!!

The potato hole that looks more like a gravesite.
We had a ton of this stone in the corner of the yard just sitting there, it made perfect walkways so we don't step in mud.

Kids pics, our piece together raised bed gardens and potato bed that looks like a grave yikes!!! Enjoy the frugalredneck photo album!!! Michelle