Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here is the downstairs bedroom and small under stairs closet bathroom we redid. The bedroom as described in last post had to have the original doorway closed in and new one put in by bathroom door in hallway. We had to tear out the wall to the right of the bed, replace and put in new framework around windows. Sanded and stained floor. Cost: doorway $10 sheetrock used old trim for new doorway. $40 for new sheetrock for wall. Trim I bought for entire house, so I bought it in 12 ft sections and bought 30 12 ft sections. The entire house has the same trim all the way around the ceilings in everysingle room. We used the sander and pads from the livingroom , and the stain from the livingroom also.
The bathroom was gross, The toilet was in working condition, it just took alot of work to clean it and purchase a new seat and seal. Cost was about $10 The entire floor was rotted out, so we replaced that cost was about $20. We bought the same linoluem for the bathrooms and kitchen, it was a special order that someone changed their mind on. It is a stretch lino, no glue just lay and it works it's way to the corners over a day or two. Originally would have been $900 for flooring and install. We installed ourself and purchased the flooring for $250. We also have since put a small wall sink in this bathroom, That was free, I found sitting outside in someones trash, also found a small wooden medicine cabinet at garage sale for .50. And the piping for the sink was about $3.50. ( The sink had new faucet and handles in a box taped to the underneath). This downstairs toilet was probably #2 on the gross list of this house. The previous tenants had the water shut off for quite awhile but still continued to use the toilet and left it. It sat for one year like that. I cannot believe we saved that toilet. I was so close to buying a new one. Till I saw how clean my husband got it. The paint for the bathroom cost $2.50 for a gallon at the salvage store. This bathroom was one of the first things to get done, Since the upstairs bathroom needed alot more work, We needed atleast one bathroom while working on the house. We would come over at 8am everyday and work until 7pm at night, for two months to get moved in.
Money was so tight those two months, Sometimes I don't know how we did it. Only had a microwave at the house, until just a few days before we moved in. I made tons of casseroles for us to eat when we got home, We ate alot of sandwhiches for lunchesI kept a cooler with juice and cups, and a coffee pot at the house, and a grocery bag full of snacks. We had no extra money, paying for rent and putting everything else into the house to get it ready in two months.

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looking forward to reading more of your posts! Good for you!

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Thanks a bunch eleanor, You inspired me.