Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The livingroom

These are the before and after pictures of the livingroom and front entryway. First thing we did was remove all the trash and carpets, Next we scraped as much of the horrible green paint, that was painted on everything including as much as they could on the outside of the house. Next we cleaned everything, including the fan and blades. We replaced the receptacles and sanded and stained the floors. These steps cost very little, Estimate: not including going to the dump
paint scrapers-$4
sanding flooors-$20 for pads for our hand sander
Stain-$12(bought at a salvage type store for $3 a can, we got 4 cans which actually covered the livingroom, diningroom, downstairs bedroom and small hallway. So for livingroom $3.
There was a doorway from the livingroom to the downstairs bedroom, We sheetrocked that in and made the door in the hallway by the bathroom instead. Thank god my father in law came to stay with us and show us how to do all this. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. We then painted the livingroom a light brown color, and painted all the trim white. We then replaced the window in the front entry way. We then painted the fan blades, (it was in perfect working condition) and reinstalled it. That room was now done. Cost:
making the new doorway and patching up the old one $10 sheetrock
we used all the old doorway stuff on the new doorway $0
Paint for front entryway: $5.50 on clearance at walmart
Paint for livingroom walls : 5 gallon bucket $40 walmart ( this was also used for the diningoom and the entire hallway going up the stairs and the entire upstairs hallway).
Paint for the trim : 5 gallon white $55 walmart ( used to paint the trim in the entire house)
Just wanted to note that the time is not included in here, We did the front entryway, livingroom, kitchen, small closet bathroom, downstairs bedroom, upstairs just liveable to continue working on, In just 2 1/2 months, We needed to move in then, Because we did not want to sign another 1 year lease on our rental.