Thursday, September 17, 2009

These are the diningroom before and after pics, It probably needed the least amount of work, But it was also the most time consuming, along with the upstairs bedroom with the collapsed ceiling. The window to the left is hard to see in the picture, but the wall was gone, You could see the outside, This almost was the deal breaker for me for this house, I thought Oh my gosh how do you fix that!!!!! Got on the phone immediately to father in law and he said no problem, I said are you sureeeee, He said again, no problem. I said okay, my voice cracking. He did a great job and we all learned how to fix and sheetrock and tape and mud. 3 windows were broken and we had to replace those, then sand the floors, stain, Paint and put up the trim, We also found a door at a garage sale for $1.00, brand new, It was too big, but my father in law cut it down and we installed it, The door leads to the laundry room. You won't hear me talk much about the laundry room or the sunroom above it....There is no fixing it, It was an addition and really really badly built. No other options but to tear it down and rebuild, that will be in the future. We just use it for storage and laundry. I love the windows in this diningroom, I just sit in the mornings and watch the birds hop along the fence, and growl at the squirrels who run by with my garden tomatoes in their mouths, grrrrr, But that is another story.