Friday, September 18, 2009

I will post new updated pics of the house later tonight. We still have a long way to go. The foundation needs some work. The outside needs work. The roof needs work. All in time. This year we are focusing on heating. It has no heating. It had hookups for gas heat, But when we had the gas guy come out, he said there was a leak somewhere and would cost a lot to find and fix. We chose to not have that right now. Last year we went with small electric heaters. It was an experience I don't want to have again this year. We spent last winter ( a mild one) Freezing and working to keep the cold out. We insulted the entire under of the house. I spent 3 nights while everyone slept, Using clear caulking and sealing the seams of the wood floors, This really helped. We insulated here and there. The next two months, We are getting a new front door, I hate that the original one cant be saved. We also are going with a wood stove this year for heat downstairs. And purchased on clearance end of last year and kerosene heater for upstairs. I could barely change a lightbulb when we started this, And that is no lie. Hubby did not inherit his fathers talent. We learned though. And I would not trade the exeriences for anything in the world. We are trying to find a place in the country in the next few years, We want to have animals and do some farming. We hope to not ever sell this house. But keep it for the kids. Too many memories, and awsome experiences.