Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ohhh this kitchen, This before picture does not look as bad to me as it really was hahaha. Where to start, Well first thing was to get all the garbage out, The sink had food in it for 1 year, The fridge too, All that went out, Then the floor came up. Then we removed all the cupboards, I knew I would not be able to afford new cupboards, So I chose for now to sand them and paint them. The oven was not working, either was the cooktop, The dishwasher was gone too. Just by chance in our downtown a used appliance store was going out of business, sorry for them, but yay for me, We priced just the basic new cooktop at $450 from sears, Not happening!!!! I got the dishwasher, oven and cooktop for $300, Well actually only $50 out of pocket, father in law gave us $250 gift. So that worked out well. I was reluctant to purchase these used, But he guarenteed them for 90 days, and here it is one and half years later and still going strong!!!!! I got a stainless steel sink and the faucets on clearance at our local woods lumber and supply for $50. The flooring I described in the post below. We had to replace the entire subfloor of the kitchen. I am not sure what the cost was on this, But I think it was one of the more expensive things we did, Im gonna guess and say $70 for the wood. The countertop were remnant pieces from lowes, And we got those for $22 each 2 pieces. The trim was from the bulk we purchased for the whole house. Over the last year I have tweaked this kitchen some, I live in the kitchen , So I will work on it till it just right. I had always wanted an island, But oh my they are pricey. I had an older butcher top table that the legs were breaking off of. So I sent my hubby and son out in the backyard this past june on his vacation and said build me my island!!!!! Woohooo 4 hours later and just $10 later I had a nice big island, with two big shelves underneath for pots and pans. I had them leave all the sides open, and I make red check curtains to go all the way around, As soon as daughter returns camera I will post pic of it. I also painted a breadbox, and a shelf, and my bench seat in the diningroom, Candy apple red, (the free can from the glidden free can offer a few months back online). And my kitchen is really coming together. There is a bar that divides the diningroom from the kitchen, And I'm not happy with it, But still have not decided what to do there, But that is on my TO DO list......I have never felt so comfortable in any other kitchen I have had ........Maybe cause it is all mine, and I can do anything under the sun I want to it, But I love it, It is TOTALLY ME!!!!!! I will hopefully tomorrow, get my camera and take the updated pics of it, Because these pictures here are from a year ago.