Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Entering new 2 year old stage

With the twins being a little out of control in the morning with the ADHD. Mornings can be quite hectic. I was sitting late one night a few weeks ago thinking how in the world am I gonna manage this with the two of them, the 2 year old another baby. The 2 year old has been my best baby so far. He is a go with the flow kinda guy. But he is still quite demanding for attention. He is a 2 hour nap at 11-1 each day. But I have noticed over the past few weeks he has not been wanting to nap as long, but is a bit grouchy from it. He is still drinking a bottle when he naps and goes to bed. I never felt the need to take this away from any of my children except at a certain time I limit it to only naps and bedtime. I found at around 2 1/2 they give it up no problems. Well for the past few weeks he always asks for his bobby and his pretty (blankie) around 9 each morning, He gets up on the recliner, snuggles pretty and drinks bobby and watches disney channel. Loving trains as much as he does, he loves the new chuggington show. This is going to be very valuable when the new baby gets here to have him with this routine. It will give me an hour after I get the boys calmed down doing something to just spend with the baby. I did the babywearing with the 2 year old and really wish I had stumbled upon the thought with the twins. I really feel like it helped the 2 year old be more independent. He is not like any of my other kids. He is very content entertaining himself and is confident. I will do babywearing with this baby too, Most definetly. Happy child rearing to all, Michelle


Sabrina said...

Hi, Michelle, what's up with Under $1000 Per Month? I have missed reading that blog.

Scottish Twins said...

Babywearing saved my sanity this time around! It is so important to have your hands free when you are caring for a toddler!!

What types of carriers do you use? I prefer my hiking backpack and my moby wrap.

frugalredneck said...

Sabrina, She shut the site down. I was very sad to see it go. She is going to pull it back up I guess for people to read past posts, But no more posting on that blog. The comments and the negative followers just got to be too much. She was just crucified it was disgusting. She does have another site that she is going to post on about once a week. I will let you know about that one. Scottish twins, The last one I used I can't remember the name, It was like a sling. It worked but it made me a little nervous about bending over and him falling out. I am going to purchase this time around the ergo baby carrier from I have thought about this for a week now and I really want that one. And I should be able to recoup a bit of the money back from the resale shop in town when I am done with it. I am in love with the wine colored one with the sheep skin insert. But if I have a girl I will go with pink!!! Also if for some chance we are talking multiples here, I will go with another one that are side carriers and you can wear 2 at once, Would that not be a sight!!!!! I am going to look up that moby wrap since I really only know about the ergo and the slings. Michelle... Also about the sling, My last 3 babies were smaller, Twins being 4.2 and 4.6 and the 2 year old was 5 lbs and I sure had hard time with them not getting lost in the slings. I think that is why I gave up doing it with the twins. The ergo one seems really secure and you could secure a smaller baby really close to you and tightly. I babbled there for a bit, bahahaha.

frugalredneck said...

Scottish twins, I just checked out the moby wrap, I ummm, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. I really like the style D one. That seems even more natural than any other ones I have seen. Ohhhhh now what to do what to do!!!