Sunday, March 14, 2010

No spend month update

It is hardddddddddddd bahhahahaha. I am really ashamed of myself at how much money we have wasted. I have noticed how much STUFF we have since not spending. When I think I am out of something or don't have something, a little search has yeilded the item or something similiar. I have been cleaning out bins, drawers, and stored boxes. I still have an entire sunroom and the laundry room to go through yet. I am really quite shocked at what is in this house. I am learning a big thing about organization. I am the biggest disorganized organized person I know!!! That is going to be my biggest project this month. organizing all this stuff and realizing and tracking everything we have. For example. I use sharpie pens alot for marking everything. An older kid takes one for something, leaves it somewhere else or it gets thrown in a drawer, I can't find it and go buy another pack. I found 17 sharpie pens yesterday, 17!!!!!!!! This is going to take me awhile with all the stuff we have, But it is going to be worth it. Knowing what I have down to the last sharpie marker is going to go a long way to save money I think. At around $2.97 a 2pk for the sharpies that alone was about $25.00!!! I did a little reading yesterday and I see one big thing that we need to start doing also....Track our spending. We are starting next paycheck. I found a ledger that was never used (of course) yesterday while cleaning and have designated that for this use. We are going to write down every little tiny thing we spend money on every day, every month. From what I read this is really going to help us visually see what we are spending money on also. We will never get out of debt without knowing this. Michelle


Megan said...

what a fabulous idea about tracking spending. I've been meaning to do the same thing and I think you have inspired me to do it =) we are always saying 'I don't know where that $20 went', and I really want to know! Good luck with the organizing and everything else. I'm also trying to get organized ( I love organization), but it's hard when there is so much s-t-u-f-f in the way. Take care =)

frugalredneck said...

Wow megan we sound alot alike, I am sorry you are going through the same things, But at same time glad I am not alone here!!! Good luck with yours too, let me know if you come up with any great ideas I would love to hear them, anything helps!!! Michelle