Friday, March 5, 2010


We have had sunshine for several days now. Big bright sunshine. I was beginning to think sunshine was not real anymore!!! It is still chilly at night but around 50-60 during the day. I took down all the winter drapes and hung up the sheers. This lets in the sun from early morning till sunset and we do not need to run the heaters since it warms up quite nice in here. This saves a ton on kerosene and electric. And I personally like how pretty the sheers look. I need to make some valances for the dining room windows and I will in time. Although still fairly tired the house is wearing on me. I have been cleaning like mad lately, Well as much as possible. I used the great tutorial at for newspaper pots. I made a few then had my oldest Son make me 25 of them. I planted those 25 and 10 more of the jiffy pots I had. I am hoping that the boys can get the raised beds in next weekend and get them ready to go. I am going to start hardening off some of the plants early next week and hopefully get them planted after they get the beds in. I am really excited about getting my garden growing this year.
I wanted to post a bit on NO SPEND MONTH. We are only 5 days in and doing well. No spending yet, which for us is great!!! I had to budget in a few extra things for the month that were not there when I planned this, like extra money for gas to get to Dr. appointments and the $20 copay for my medication and folic acid. Other than that doing really good. I am pretty stocked up so I don't see any major worries. Happy Sunshine to all!!!! Michelle


Sabrina said...

Yes, I want to hear about no spend month.

We are getting plenty of sunshine the past couple of days, too, but it's still chilly with the wind....oh, spring, where are you?