Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring cleaning

The spring cleaning bug got into me yesterday and to be quite honest, Thank God!!!! I have not done much for a week or two and this place was just gross. We washed walls, got out the ceiling duster, washed windows and just cleaned everything. I made the curtain for my daughter's room that has been sitting on the sewing machine for a month now. My oldest daughter came over and helped clean the upstairs for me, Thank you Kriztina!!!!!! We put the twins bed back together in their room, We have been working with them alot lately on keeping your stuff nice and being more gentle with your stuff. I would like to by the end of spring, be able to put the dressers back in the room also. I just have to go in steps with them. They have been showing some real progress with their schoolwork and staying on task and listening. I also have on my list before the baby comes to try again with the homeopathic meds for their ADHD. They are very interested in this baby thing and are learning to stay calmer.
My seedlings are going crazy, I transplanted my peas the other day and they are going like mad. I have transplant my beans today and a few of my tomato plants. I am planting them in the organic peat cups, then I can just plant those right in the ground when the last frost comes. I am going to try hardening off my tomato plants hopefully by mid march. I have to be honest I have about every inch of open space in the house covered with seedlings so I will be glad to get them outside and growing like crazy!!!
Today I need to work on getting caught up on some of my kitchen tasks. I am out of ranch dressing mix, cream of chicken soup dry mix and waffle mix. Those are my 3 to do for the kitchen today. For my birthday my oldest found a little soy candle shop downtown, For those of you around here it is Magnolia's downtown. He has added to his shop and now has organic spices. I think she found me everything I was looking for. The lavender smells wonderful. I think I am going to make little dryer sachets with that one. I want to do a little experiment first and soak the lavender in vanilla and see what scent I get from that. The dill smells so fresh I can't wait to try the ranch dressing recipe with it. Tonight I am going to make grilled chicken salad for dinner with the ranch. Since I can't take the prenatal vitamins, The Dr. suggested I eat tons of leafy greens along with the folic acid supplement. So I am going to get some in each dinner. I love the organic salad mixes at walmart, I have got my oldest hooked on it as well. Well I am off to start the day, Happy Tuesday to you, Michelle.
Ohhhh one more thing, I wanted to point you in the direction of . They have some great printables for spring cleaning and well everything.