Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday dinner

Since I am not cooking big meals during the week I made another sunday dinner. I made a family favorite. We call it Pork and stuffing. I also made biscuits but since I don't measure out my biscuit mix it is kinda hard to give a recipe but I will tell you the ingredients. I also made a basic choc. cake with cream cheese frosting.
Pork and stuffing
Pork loin roast ( I used 4 lbs)
3 boxes of stuffing
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
3 cups hot water
4 tablespoons butter

Pour boxes of stuffing into baking dish leaving room for roast on top. Cut butter and place on top of stuffing mix. Pour hot water over stuffing and butter and mix. In seperate container mix cream of chicken soup and sour cream together. Place the pork roast(s) on top of stuffing mix.( If my pork roasts are extra bulky I have split these) Spoon on the cream of chicken mixture on top of the roast and spread around, Spoon the rest of the mixture in dollops on top of the stuffing mix. Top all with paprika. I did not put an amount of paprika because we like lots, You can add it to taste. Bake 1 hour 30 minutes or until roast is done through. This is super super tasty and filling.
My biscuits we love but like I said I don't have a recipe. The ingredients are self rising flour, salt, milk,6 tablspoons butter and my homemade yogurt. ( My homemade yogurt is made with vanilla but has never affected the flavor of the biscuits as far as making them vanilla flavor)I start with 4 cups of self rising flour,Then I add the butter and cut in, Then I add about 2 teaspoons of salt, a cup and half of milk and a cup and half of yogurt. I mix this up and add more flour as needed to make it easy to knead. I dump this onto the table and knead until mixed through. Then pat down and cut out with the lid from the canning jar. Bake at 400 until brown. I have tried so many biscuit recipes that my family has never liked. To be honest we only like them when they come out like KFC. This is the only biscuit my family will eat and they eat every single one. This mix of ingredients is the only way I can get them to come out like this. Only advice I have is make sure you don't handle the dough too much, Knead only until mixed.
The choc. cake I cheated on, I used a box mix from the stockpile. But I always make my own frosting. Not one of us can stand frosting from a can. And we only eat cream cheese frosting. I just take a block of cream cheese softened add 2 tablespoons of vanilla and 2 tablespoon of milk, mix with mixer and add enough powdered sugar to make a spreadable frosting. Last night I added 1/4 cup of baking choc. powder to make it choc.
Good luck and happy cooking, Michelle