Monday, November 23, 2009

coffee grounds and pumpkin and stretch hamburger helper!!!!

What a day I am exhausted, cleaned cleaned cleaned getting ready for thanksgiving, Which for us is wednesday ( daughter has to work 2-11 on thanksgiving at walmart, and hubby will be at work also). So the kids wanted hamburger helper tonight, Usually I make my own, But had boxes that I got for nothing on sale with coupons. Two boxes never feeds all of us, and three boxes is too much, So I decided today to boil up half a bag of egg noodles and add it to the finished product, Worked out perfectly and tasted no difference, Most of us actually thought it was better!!!! Also made up two pumpkin pies for thanksgiving today, Had about 3/4 of a pie of the pumpkin mix left, So made a pie crust, and formed it into a cupcake tin ( 12 large holes) filled with the pumpkin mixture, made a cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar topping, and made pumpkin tarts, these are amazinggggggggg, makes me want another!!!!!!
Also did something unusual today, I had a couple months ago, made a bucket of brewed tea water, to go over my old wood floors with, and it worked out well, Shined and filled in the scratches well. Well my diningroom table was looking terrible, old and scratched and dull. I was going to make the tea water, When I looked at my coffee pot and thought hmmmm wonder what those coffee grounds would do???? So I took the coffee grounds, sprinkled them all over the table, then took some warm water and sprinkled over the grounds, to make a watery mixture, enough that I had some blackish water with the grounds, used a rag to rub in all over the table, and let sit for 20 minutes then wiped off. LOOOOOOOOOOOOKS awsome just awsome, shined it up too, All the scratches filled in real nice, I think I will do this atleast once a month now!!!!!

Happy thanksgiving to all, and see you after the holiday!!!!!!