Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Schedule schedule schedule!!!!

My daughter made a comment on my growing binder today, and it got me thinking. She said wow mom that is as thick as the bible!!!!
My binder is my existence, I cannot live without it. If I lost it, I might spiral out of control and end up running down the streets.....Well you get the picture!!!!!!!
It is nothing special, Plain black, I think I got it at a used store about a month before the twins were born ( they are almost 5). I had not used a schedule on any of my 3 older children, and regretted doing so, Had troubles with sleeping, and just not being organized. I got to thinking with twins on the way making it 5 kids, I needed to get things on track, I wanted to get the boys on a schedule immediately. So I read everything I could on it. And put it into action. I started from day one with the twins, And never really faltered much. It was not easy, They have been very difficult since birth, and have adhd, Well that is the diagnosis I made the doctors give them, The doctor's opinion in bipolar and I don't buy it, So I made the executive decision. So we go with that. I will go into more detail on that in another post. Back to the binder!!!!!
My binder, my life....... As soon as I pop my eyes open in the morning. The daily schedules, The meal planning, The budget, My lists, My thoughts, The homeschooling schedule, the boys charts, The chore charts etc. ( I use ) I am a horribly disorganized organizer, if that makes any sense, hahaha. I need guidelines, outlines, and lines of paper, to make anything happen. I have a horrible memory, left to its own, So I need one place where I can find all my answers. I have in the past grounded one child, and forgot I grounded them, and let them go only to remember half way through they were grounded.....before, but not anymore, muahhahhaaa. We were lost but now found, Thank you oh glorious black binder.......