Thursday, November 5, 2009

Considering cancelling cable!!!!!

I think I may give my family a christmas present this year........One they don't really want but need!!!!! Cable television. We don't have any special channels, But even the regular ones are getting on my nerves, The language, the content is horrible. We don't watch that much t.v., I really can't stand it. There are no shows that I watch, I don't even like the news. I like netflix, Which we have, and we use the library for alot of movies for the boys. The older kids will be the opposition here(hubby included). My 13 year old has had the t.v. going more often then I like lately, And I notice that even my baby, The two year old, is screaming I want that, at every commercial aimed at little ones selling childrens toys. This disturbs me.
I have to call the cable company as I am not sure how cancelling my cable will affect my bundling I have with them, Or my cable internet hookup. Regardless I have to find an alternative. I have listed pro's and con's, and I can't find one good reason for keeping it, Other than opposition from older kids and hubby, Which like, switching to homemade whole wheat bread with sneaking of (wheat bran) in, Cutting out fast food, cutting out pre packaged goodies and making my own, growing and taking care of a garden this year, as with all these and similiar changes this year, there was steep oposition at first, but became habit. I don't like wheat bread, I can't cut this bread mom, quickly turned into, ewwww you bought bread from the store??? Geez once I was lazy gimme a break !!!!! I will update next week on the cable t.v. issue, Stay tuned in!!!!!!