Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas eve 2009

Soooo, Since we are not doing much in the way of presents this year, I am going to focus on a huge christmas eve bash!!!! I think this will be very memorable, and I hope teach the kiddos alot!!!! We are having a Polar Express party, I did this early in december a long time ago with the older kids and they loved it. Although we do not celebrate santa claus, The three little ones are trainaholics, Dad is an engineer, So I think this will go over really well for the little guys and the big guy. First thing, The older kids and I are going to make a train out of boxes, This will be where we sit during the movie, I will print out tickets and posters and all kinds of stuff, Of course we will all be in pjs. I am going to make train cutout cookies to decorate, And have some sort of train craft, Maybe ornaments to hang on the tree, And of course we will have hot cocoa!!!!! I think after the movie is done, Since we don't do stockings, I will take their christmas bags I made, And fill those with goodies like party bags, and hand those out to the kids. ( these are like our version of christmas stockings). Here is a link to where I got some printouts and ideas....