Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going to the store during the holiday's makes me sad.

I purposely get my stockpile at it's largest during the holiday season, To avoid the stores. Plus I do not have the same ability as my hubby does to go in, get only what is on the list and leave. He does not mind going and getting them for me, and this saves us money. Well he had to work today, and I had to get some milk, Been pumping out yogurt just as the kids are gobbling it up. It made me rather sad, I know this sounds crazy, But every year when I go to the store so close to Christmas it makes me sad. Sad for a lot of the people that are shopping. Sometimes I want to run up to them and tell them, I know I have been there, But you can't buy their love. Some of them, just seem to grab things randomly, piles and piles of STUFF. They seem in a trance, like not even realizing what they are buying. Am I nuts or does anyone else notice this and feel bad for them. The funniest part is they look at me in the express lane with my brood and probably think, How sad she can only afford milk!!!


Scottish Twins said...

I totally agree.

You couldn't pay me to set foot in a mall right now. It makes me physically ill.