Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is this house ever clean????

Ever spend all day cleaning, Sit down maybe 5 minutes during the day and at the end of it all, Everything looks dirty!!!! Ugghhhh I had that day today. I cleaned and cleaned, Felt at times like I spring cleaned!!! I sat down tonight and everything just looked a mess to me, no different then when I started. I thought and thought and thought and then thought some more. Why? I started to look around and really notice things, Although I have been delving further and further into frugalness and wasting less, I have been trying to reuse-reuse-reuse, It seems like more is coming in then going out. It also does not help that I have been watching to new show on A&E Hoarders, Not that I am a hoarder, I am not emotionally attached to anything. My problem is that I am a great organizer, I really am, I have all the tools, all the knowledge to help me organize. My problem as I see it is I just move things around. So I am adding to my New years resolution list. Organize to reduce stress. I omit steps of organizing rules, even though I know I shouldn't. Like, having the boxes for donating and throw away and storage. I tend to always think I will use that some day I am sure, Or I will have a yard sale, Which I might add I have not had in 10 years, Because I hate having them. So I have my list ready, When the Christmas stuff comes down, My organizing the CORRECT way goes in to effect. I will have my boxes, give away, throw away, keep. I have it quite lofty at a 30% reduction in stuff. I have given myself in my timeline/outline 3 months to do this, With the side note that nothing comes into this house, Unless...
#1 I am out of it.
#2 It is a food product, or my general stockpile.
#3 Christmas or birthday gifts.
#4 If say I get a new couch, The old one goes. I get a new crock pot, The old barely working one goes.
Wish my luck, give me suggestions, No doubt I need em.
Helppppppp me be free, free of stuff that has no meaning or use!!!!!!!


Eleanor Joyce said...

Yes!! Your comments work now.

We have 4 kids - 19, 17, 15 and 12, and 2 dogs, and I want to tell you that sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in STUFF (not to mention dog hair!)

frugalredneck said...

Soooo glad the comments work now!!!! I don't know about you, But my 3 teenagers are worse then any of us!!!! I went through just a bit ago, and took a laundry basket just through the downstairs, and 3/4 of the stuff I got on that one trip was theirs..... This could prove my hardest New Years resolution yet!!!!