Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day of reflection

I have been reflecting alot today, about the past year or more. I want to make some real big changes this next year or two. I love learning, I will never stop! There is nothing I don't want to do or learn, Well within reason and law. I have learned alot this year, I learned how to make my own yogurt, Which my family hated store bought yogurt but loves homemade. I make all my own breads. I cut my paper towel use down by more then half. I have tried to get more organized, This will take me longer! Lots of things I did. This next year, I want to learn better ways of dealing with my 5 year olds, (adhd), I want to recognize that having twins with it, seems at times like it is worse than it is. I want to enjoy them more, as much as I do the baby. I want to make amends with my 14 year old, if there is such a thing with 14 year olds. I want to be a better wife to my husband, I am critical, and after 15 years together this coming march, I need to recognize that he is safe. I brought alot of baggage into our relationship, two kids, Just coming out of an abusive marriage, Parents who were less then loving. I think that the hubby thing must be top priority and then maybe the rest will fall in place. This will be a year of letting go of that baggage, of letting myself go and be vulnerable. Surely if I can get milk to turn into yogurt, and dough to become bread, I can do this, Learn this. With god all things are possible, And I know he will be right there with me just like he always has, Even when I didn't know it. Yes a year of learning and changing and great things.


Emily said...

Unfortunately I think turning milk into yogurt is easier than being a good wife, but I'm aiming for the same things you are, it sounds. I'm so glad your comments are working!

frugalredneck said...

I think you are right about the ease of yogurt compared to the ease of being a good wife. I had a thought though, I think when I make up my to do lists for this next year, I will make my heading something to give me a little reminder, Something I can see. Since I look at this list 10,000 times a day, hahaha, Maybe it'll stick. I ammmmm so glad my comments are working too, Thank youuu soo much for leaving me one, I love your blog so much, Hope you like mine too!!! Michelle