Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting ready for christmas

I am getting ready for Christmas today, I want a very laid back no fuss Christmas this year. I have given myself permission to be free. I cleaned the house this morning, A shortened spring clean type clean. Scrubbed every little corner. I am done. I will not do much until December 27th. I have the last load in the dryer, all sheets and blankets have been washed too. I will spend tomorrow making up some of the food that can be made up ahead of time. Then just the big stuff will need to be done on Christmas eve and day. I really really want to enjoy this year and not be caught up in the fact that everything is perfectly perfect. I never live in perfectly perfect and this year I am gonna enjoy the mess. Of course, no one will see me on Dec. 27th, Cause I will be back in mode come 7am, And I will curse myself hourly for "letting this house go" ahhhhh, (sip of coffee) I know myself so well!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEEE


GreenLeaf said...

Oh that's it! I still got to do laundry...thanks for the reminder. Make the perfection last as long as you can, and deal with the rest later. Merry Christmas!