Friday, December 11, 2009

Whew, Half way done!!!!

Half way done with christmas food prep, Got a late start since our water pipes froze up, So started yesterday. Made christmas roll out cookies, Half baked, half rolled up and put in freezer. Sugar cookies half cooked, half rolled up and put in freezer. Got the breakfast pizzas made, sausage and cream cheese rolls made, Made 3 loves of reg. bread, and one banana bread.
But my big fun accomplishment is I found a recipe and video on youtube for making yogurt at home, We loveeeeeeeeee yogurt, topped with homemade granola is the best. I have never made yogurt before. Here is the link to the video . The only change I would make to this yogurt is adding 2 tablespoons total of vanilla, for the vanilla yogurt, And I will also try reducing the amount of milk, By 1/2 cup fulls each time to get a thicker yogurt. It was still tasty and so very very easy. I am going to make more tonight. No worries about anyone eating it, the 5 jars I made last night are almost gone, And I have quite a stockpile of canning jars. I am also making granola tonight, since I am out.
I was also at walmart today and they had nice blanket fleece for $2.44 yd, So I got 2 yards for each of my 5 year olds, and 1/4 yd of spiderman fabric. I plan to make them each a blanket, cut out the spiderman fabric for appliques. My oldest daughter (18) wanted to the 2 year old's, disney cars his favorite. So I have added that to my list, and still have 3 part done repurpose bath mats to finish up!!!!! Plus all the other baking, I'm behind as usual, hahaha. I found today a great bootie pattern and a block type picture project I am going to make too, I love this blog, and emily the owner I think is a really neat person and gifted writer, Her blog is . I am hoping for a digital camera soon, So I can put pictures up of everything I make, But I got 2 disposables for free today, So I will take some with those and hopefully put up pics by next week. Happy cooking and crafting.