Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting ready for the holiday season-cooking.

On the 10th of december I will be getting ready for the next month and 1/2, (december 12th-january18th) This is christmas season, new years, oldest daughters birthday and the epiphany. Between organizting things, crafts, learning etc. Christmas eve, Christmas day, New years eve, New years day, Daughters birthday, and the activities planned for the epiphany, This works for me to have everything snack and quick lunches or breakfasts done. I will be doing breakfast burritos, sausage and cream cheese wraps, sausage and cream cheese crescents, breakfast pizza, stuffed crepes, frito chili wraps, and cinnamon rolls. Also I will dedicate one day to making all the cookies for the next month and any breads I will need. I started this last year and it worked out really nice. These are all things that the kids can warm up easily themselves, even the little ones with little help. I have posted the recipes for the frito chili wraps and the breakfast burritos, Here a few of the others.
Sausage and cream cheese wraps
I will make up 20 of these
(2) 10 packs of small burrito shells(or make your own)
(2) bulk suasage rolls
(1 ) 8oz cream cheese
fry sausage until done, drain, return to pan, mix in cream cheese until melted, spoon into burrito shells, roll up, place back in burrito shell bag, or baggies, freeze.

cream cheese crescents
I will make up 64 of these
8 packs of crescent rolls
4 bulk sausage rolls
2 8 oz cream cheese

unroll crescents, fry up sausage, drain, mix with cream cheese until melted, spoon onto crescent roll, roll up into little package, bake in oven on 350 until browned.

The kids really like these crescents, and hubby likes em even more, and my father in law who will be with us this year likes em even more then him, That is why I am making 64 of them, And I am pretty sure those will go faster then I think!!!!!

P.S. Got my first oriental trading order today, I love this stuff I am hooked. I had a $10 off $20 coupon, So got some neat things for the kids to do for 10 bucks!!! Then in with the box came a oriental trading calendar with coupons for every month next year, including one for this month, So I am placing next order tomorrow. These are great little prepackaged craft projects by theme, That are easy to get out, with some glue and let them create with minimal help from me while I am cooking or cleaning!!!! Worth it to me.


Eleanor Joyce said...

You have so many excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing.