Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas done but still smiling!!!

Well we had to postpone Christmas until late last night, about 10pm. One of the unfortunate things about hubby working for the you never know when he is going to be home, He is on call 24 hrs, 7 days. We had a really nice, non stressful night last night, Everyone seemed happy and content, It was really really nice. We had a ham and scalloped potato dinner with pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, spinach dip with veggie tray. I had all ingredients on hand so no running to the store......YEAH.
Today I spent cleaning up, I kicked everyone out ( Sent them to the bowling alley) and cleaned cleaned cleaned. OHHHH the house looks so nice, I had an extra hour before they got home to just enjoy the cleanliness. I was very happy to see they took extra care tonight to keep it clean for me. All in all this was the best Christmas thus far. Nothing really notable, Just quiet, content, laid back. I miss it already!!!!!! Hope you all had your best Christmas thus far too !!!!!