Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

My first New Year with resolutions. I am still working on them today, Yes procastination is on my list!!!! It was a busy time this last week with having Christmas 2 days late, So I am catching up. I am making a big turkey dinner tonight ( with the free turkey from my hubby's work). So I will work on this in between cooking. I have added some homeshooling ideas to my list, Some areas I want to delve into this year, that last year we did not. I also want to try the move again to herbal remedies for my 5 year old twins' adhd. We tried this early last year with poor results, But they are maturing more each day so worth a try. Changing from traditional to herbal medications is not a money saving choice. With insurance we pay about $40 a month for their meds now, Where herbal will cost us $119 for a month. Quite a difference. My hatred for the drugs they are on is what drives me. So that is big on my list for this year. Another top of the list item is savings. We stink at this. We honestly have no savings, And this bugs me. So I have started small. We need to get the small laundry room addition off of our house, And rebuild it. This will cost us about $2500 doing it ourselves. So this is the goal $2500 saved by April 15th. I think this is extremely doable with the income we have.
So even though I have added some tough ones to the list, I still think I can achieve them with a good plan. Which is what I will be working on this week to get finalized. I have to have things visual to keep them in my mind. So I have had my daughter draw plans up of what I would like the new laundry room to look like and that will posted up to be a constant reminder. I am going to plaster reminders of my resolutions all over the house!!! I also will be decorating my binder to remind me of these. Every little thing that is visual will help me to see these ideas each and every day at any given moment. Wish me luck!!!
What tips of tricks do you have that helps you stay on track with resolutions or plans??


Scottish Twins said...

I don't really have tricks for keeping resolutions. I'm pretty bad at that :(

But I was wondering if you've looked into dietary changes you can make to help the ADHD? I know some people who have done things like eliminating all sugars and wheat/gluten and have seen remarkable changes. It's worth looking into if you're going to go the holistic route.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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frugalredneck said...

Scottish twins...I did do the wheat/gluten cassein free, I reaqlly noticed no change, But I do intend to incorporate that again, Give it another try. I also definetly have spent the last 6 months evaluating and removing sugars ( OMG I can't believe how much we were consuming) I still have a long way to go with that, But have halved it so far. And I notice the more and more I take away the better they get. I have also been cutting out processed foods seems like everyday, I am learning to make my own stuff, and we grew a garden this year too. I 100% agree with 100% excitement that food, additives, processing, sugars...everything is going to help them more, Then these horrible drugs they are on. When I did the wheat/gluten free I purchased everything and it was so expensive, Now I have found so many websites and blogs where I can do this myself with great taste results and have tried a few and noone in the house realized it. So this is definetly going to get redone this year, Good for us all. Michelle