Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun in the kitchen!!

I had fun in the kitchen today. Had lots of leftovers to get creative with and I love doing it. I have been getting my bananas really gross for banana bread and they were ready today, yummmmm , They came out perfectly wonderful.

I had left over turkey from New Years and wanted to do something different it this year. So I thought and thought and decided to create a turkey quesadilla. I took the turkey pieces and added a tiny bit of water and pureed them in the blender. I put the puree in a bowl added a can of green chili's 1 8oz block of cream cheese 1/2 of red pepper and 1/2 of green pepper ( I blended these in my mini chopper until shredded). I took this mixture and spread it on a tortilla then sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese, topped with another tortilla then fried both sides in the frying pan. I cut them into wedges and served on a plate with salsa and sour cream. I could not BELIEVE how everyone gobbled these up, They were begging for more!!!! I can't wait to make more of these, I am betting they freeze pretty well!!!!

I also have been reading alot of comments on about better meat for my family. I hate the taste of the meat we get (which is cheap) and I learned about the practices and the contents of the meat and am totally grossed out, Most sickened about that we are consuming it. So I found some local grass fed places around here, And have decided when the taxes refund comes in around the 15th of the month, We are taking enough money to stock up on meat for the next year and also to get about 20 dozen eggs. We will have to drive about 40 miles but this is worth it to me, And I can incorporate some other stuff into that trip, Like target shopping and aldi and others. ( we have to drive to tulsa, ok to get this stuff). So I will be blogging about my meat ventures after the 15th, I sure hope it tastes better then the junk we are eating now, Which quite honestly smells rotten to me. Wish me luck........Michelle