Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy stockpile batman!!!!

Before I start, I apologize for no pictures, I have not bought a new camera yet, I have $44 register rewards saved up for the camera I want, I will have enough by next sunday to get my camera for about $10, Kodak 10.2 megapixel ($99). I promise the minute I get it, Pictures pictures pictures.
My love of stockpiling runs deep. I love love love it. I love it for many reasons.

#1 by shopping only sales and using coupons and getting things free or close to it, I shop for my storeroom not necessarily what I need.

#2 Having a store at home saves money, by not having to run out for one thing and coming home with 10 things.

#3 I am rarely out of anything.

#4 If anything happens, job loss, sickness, natural disasters We have enough food to get through about 3 months, 6 months if rationed slightly.

#5 The security feels wonderful.

I do not have a pantry big enough for my stockpile, We plan on building one, But have not decided where. I had it at the end of the hallway upstairs for awhile, But little mice (children who all have rooms upstairs and ours is downstairs) would help themselves and mess it up. Before that I kinda had it everywhere and that made me crazy. We have the biggest room in the house downstairs, It is the coolest room temperature wise, And we only had our bed and a dresser in there, So made perfect sense to take a corner and put it there. This worked out perfect because it is just across from the kitchen, and noone goes in there. This is good for me now. Of course if we have any more children, Who I always keep in our room until they leave the crib, It will have to go then. But we are rebuilding our laundry room in the spring and are going to put a small bathroom out there. Right now our second bathroom is in the under the stairs closet, We will take that out and make that the pantry which is the perfect size.
My stockpile/store in the bedroom consists of all food items, and paper products and home fix it items. I also have a bathroom stockpile/store in the super large upstairs bathroom, That is all personal items. Then there is a 10x4 closet behind the bathroom that is used for any other items, Gifts, after holiday sales, end of season sales, clothing storage.
Yesterday we took some extra money I had set aside and we took advantage of some of the New Year sales, The local hardware store put out an advertisement with some great deals, So we added 3 heat bulbs, 2 jars plumbers putty, various pipe and pipe insulation, hand warmers, spackling, etc. This kind of stuff we use often while fixing up this old house and some at 1/2 normal price are nice to have on hand. I also got my coupon order in the mail yesterday, I went and got several of the items that were on sale with these coupons and spent very little.
There are a ton of websites out there on building a stockpile, The LDS sites are the best, I am not LDS but they have the best info. I started this about 2 years ago, And would never go back. Happy stockpiling!!!!


Shaunta said...

I love stockpiling too! I grew up in a family where I was the oldest of nine and we didn't always have enough food. I'm a little neurotic about my stockpile, I admit. I just talked about it on my blog today :) One of my favorite websites about stockpiling is the prudent housewife (her link is on my blog, I don't have it off the top of my head.) She and her family lived off stockpile alone gor eight months when her husband was laid off! Her site is full of great info.

Shaunta said...

ooops...that didn't link to my blog. It's I found you on Emily's site btw :)

frugalredneck said...

I think I have been to the prudent housewife, but I'm checking again now lol. Checking out your blog as I write this too. Wow eight months living off stockpile, My dream!!!!! hahaha. Thanks so much for for commenting, and I loveeeee emily's blog!!! Michelle