Sunday, January 10, 2010

GRrrrr, snarl, curse, curse, SMILE

OHHHHH what a week in the 110 year old drafty ol house!!!! We had temperatures around -25 with wind chills, snow almost everyday for 2 weeks, This is not the kind of weather we get around here. Yes it does get cold, But not this kind and we just have little bursts then back to 35-40 during the day. Well this cold has done a real number on us and the house. We froze last year when it would get around 15, So this past summer we insulated here and there, blocked up cold spots, sealed floors, windows, doors etc. As we have no heat except for one kerosene heater and some small electric heaters, We had to get things sealed up tight. I also have doorways everywhere and huge high ceilings, So at each doorway, We put up closet rods, and I purchased 2 sheets for each doorway, cut the top open and hung those up, So they look pretty decent and Each room is a much smaller area to keep warm and the warm stays in that room. We have already decided that we are going to purchase with the income tax refund one more kerosene heater for at nights upstairs, These cost less then electric and we have stockpiled plenty of kerosene and they heat far larger areas, and are hotter. Now to the parts we did know to get to as we are still learning. We have been without running water for approx. 9 of the last 14 days. Pipes froze up, We insulated as they froze, and had to purchase heat tape for 3 areas that the insulation was not working. My washer has been froze up for the last week, It is in the laundry room which is just a covered porch. We are going to work on that tomorrow as I have so much laundry piled up and we are running out of clothes!!! The water heater froze up a week ago, We knew we needed the water heater blanket and just plain forgot, So purchased one of those and insulated those pipes and no problems since. Now tonight we were eating dinner and with 8 of us it gets kinda loud, I told my oldest son to go into the kitchen and get a spoon for me, and he starts yelling, OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH. We go running in there and darn itttttttttt, The pipes in between the first and second floor right under the upstairs bathroom, Which also runs directly above my pantry. The water is 1/8 inch deep in the kitchen and everything in the pantry is floating, I saved almost everything in the pantry so that is good, Anyway we shut off the water, And went to walmart to fill up all three 5 gallon water bottles, To flush toilets and have water to drink and do dishes with , Until tomorrow. Thank god hubby started vacation today, Because he will be busy tomorrow, He will have to replace that pipe and then we will insulate it to be prepared for next year. With all this water and freezing, I had to have a small hissy fit, Just everything was getting to me. I said some things I did not mean, Like I hate this house, Which I don't. This house has afforded us alot, with no house payment and the ability to do whatever we want to it, I love this house, I really do. Just have to work out all the kinks. Well after my hissy fit, When I went to walmart, I overheard a couple talking about how last night there were 2 house fires here in our little town, Neither homeowner had insurance, So they lost everything and now have nowhere to live. My little water issues did not seem so worth having a hissy fit over anymore. That is another add to my list of to do's this year, No matter how bad things seem...It could always be worse or.........Someone somewhere has it so much worse then me... I need to be thankful for what I have even when it is not perfect. Life is never perfect, And is was sheer luck that we found this house for $5000. We have heaters to worry about, We can afford our water bill and have water even if problematic. We have a roof over heads, We have lots of good food, Hubby has a great great job he loves. All my kids and the two of are healthy. Sure puts things in perspective. So as I stood in front of the pantry after I got home, I laughed a little and said.... I really did need to dust those shelves off and put in new shelf paper anyway!!!!!!! Keep warm and SMILE.