Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moments like these....

Last night was especially cold, Bitterly cold at 2 degrees with -9 wind chill. This old house is drafty despite our best efforts. Our water froze yesterday, So I think we have heat tape on every pipe in the basement now!!! We put the 3 boys to bed last night, They have a gate up at their doorway, We took the door off for safety and installed the gate for safety reasons. I put up a blanket on the outside of the door to keep the heat in the room, And it was toaaaasty in there. I asked them if I could lay down with them for a few minutes, The baby had a hard time going to sleep last night so hubby took him downstairs to rock him to sleep. I had the best time with the twins, We talked and laughed and snuggled for about 2 hours before we all fell asleep. I don;t remember much while sleeping except I must have been warm snuggled between two warm boys, Because I woke up sweating this morning!!! I woke up to both of them looking at me, And Jacob of course Jacob said, Mom this is my room, You can't live in here forever!!! bahahahahaha told me didn't he. I love it. It was nice though, With them having severe adhd, emphasis on the H, Most days seem like boot camp, As I am constantly on them to settle down, constantly watching them and calming them. I don't get much time to just be and chat and snuggle with them. As I know with having teenagers, Moments like these become non existent in the far too soon future. So I am adding to my New Years Resolution list. I have added at least one night a week to snuggle with the boys and chit chat and laugh, While hubby takes the baby downstairs to rock to sleep. Just mom and the boys time!!! FUN TIME!!!! Cheers to never being without a little one to snuggle with!!!!! Michelle