Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Started my seeds today

Today I started my seeds, I am starting early so I get nice big plants to transplant this year. We are building raised beds next month, to get ready for spring planting, I am using my entire backyard for planting this year, Except the side where we are putting the chicken coop. Last year was my first time for a garden, And with all things considered I did okay, It was my learning year, This will be learning year #2 haha. I am planting alot more things this year, Quite a few herbs. I had 5 tomato plants last year and did not get one tomato off any of them, The squirrels took every last one, I spent last year trying every trick in the book, nothing worked. This year we are fencing in the tomato plants completely. I am definetly planting banana peppers this year, Last year my 6 plants gave me tons of them. I can't wait to start planting again, I never thought I would love gardening so much, and to bring in your harvest that you grew yourself is very gratifying. We are going to plant some fruit trees this year too, Apple, lemon, pear. I am hoping to get a nut tree also. We are going to purchase an already grown blueberry bush, blackberry bush, raspberry bush from online. I live next to the neighbor from heck, So the trees will go along the north side of the house where she lives, and block her out a bit, Also help with the wind on that side of the house in winter. It is really wide so should be able to plant right down the middle, far enough away from the house, far enough away from her property line to get in no trouble. I hate so bad living next to someone who hates us, even though she does not know us. She did not care for us from day one, Said we had too many kids, We were weirdo's because we homeschool. She is the street gossip. I don't gossip, Don't have time for it. Noone on the block speaks to us, except the people across the street, Not because they don't like us, But because they are afraid to get caught and have her gossip about them. What kind of way is that to live???? Well I won't do it. I love my house, I am not going anywhere, And quite frankly I don't care what any of them say about me, I just go along my merry way.....Well except for once this summer....She said something really bad about one of my kids, I mean filthy bad.....I had had enough, So I took a poster board a sharpie and wrote "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Things quieted down for a bit after that haha. We are hoping to purchase a piece of property way in the middle of nowhere this year. We have been researching some books on "How to build a log home for under $15,000", and container housing. We want to homestead and live with no real close neighbors. So that is our financial goal this year, Pay cash for 5-10 acres. And start building our home. With the goal that by 2012 we can move there. That way we don't go back to paying a mortgage again, We would have no payments. Then we can move and sell this house. We would use some of the cash from the sale of this house to dig a pond on the property and go off grid and purchase animals. The rest would go into savings. AHHHH I love dreams and hopes!!!!


Scottish Twins said...

We have very similar dreams. :)

Good luck with your garden this year. We have decided to do raised beds this year too - we didn't last year because we had our house on the market.

Do you live in a neighborhood? Are you planning on having backyard chickens?

shaunta said...

Oooh...I love starting my seeds. I can't plant out until June, so it's a little early yet for me. But I'll live vicariously through your garden :)

I have had neighbors like that. It sucks eggs.

frugalredneck said...

We do live in a neighborhood scottish twins, I went down last year and got my permit for chickens, They told me no problems unless someone complains, Then they send out someone and they decide if it stays or go's. We are going to put the coop on the opposite side of yard from the grouchy neighbors house, Also I have some plans from the internet, That makes the chicken coop almost entirely indoors, So we will see how that goes. Ohhhh I am excited to hear how your raised beds go, we can do it together.

Shaunta-it does stink to have a neighbor like that, But I suppose everyone has one to an extent!!