Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this vacation over yet???

Ok, I know I know I know, That 90% of women beg for their husbands to more, anything, But you don't have my husband. Don't get me wrong, I don't want the husband that does nothing. He does everything. This works ok without stepping on my toes 50 weeks out of the year. He does not work that much to begin with, On average he works about 8 days a month, Those 8 days a month are spent away from home, 2 at a time. I do get a little breathing room. His vacations are hard for me, as crazy as that sounds. He is home for about 16-18 days straight. During those 16-18 days he does everything so I don't have to do anything. This gets boring for me, and every time towards the end I feel......lazy, guilty, toes stepped on, I want my life back. This is crazy right??? I even feel guilty for thinking this way. This is all on me not on him. These are my feelings. I wonder sometimes if this is how people in the workplace feel when that worker comes in and is just gung ho and they feel like that person is trying to take their job!! hahaha. I am grateful for him, He just wants me to be happy. He wants me to do the things I like doing without being interrupted by kids and other stuff. Now here is the craziest part about me, I will in about June, start saying, lordy when is your vacation so I can do something alone for once :\. Why do I do this?? So now is the last day of his vacation and I can't wait till he goes back to work so I can change diapers and make breakfasts and settle arguments and have food thrown on me and do the baths and put the kids to bed and .....and.....and.....and....and......I am certifiably nuts!!!!!! Welcome to a little part of my brain. Happy vacations to you all, Michelle