Saturday, January 30, 2010

frugal REDNECK decorating

The first 3 pics are of scrap wood projects. The first is a coat rack with baskets screwed to the floor underneath each hook so stuff stays off floor. The hooks I got at a garage sale about 5 years ago, I bought a box of them for $5, There ended up being 50 hooks, and some odds and ends. The baskets are just from dollar tree. The second picture is of the game shelf/diaper shelf. I needed somewhere to store the boys games and the 2 year olds diapers/wet wipes. They were constantly getting into them, scattering game pieces everywhere and diapers being used on baby dolls. This worked out well, they have to ask to have something now so only one thing gets taken down at a time. The third is the DVD shelf. Underneath the DVD shelf is a work in progress, It was the fireplace opening that is a total mess, The entire fireplace needs to be replaced. So for now I wanted to block it off, for cosmetic reasons and for losing heat reasons. We put up a cut piece of plywood over it and caulked around the entire thing. I am still deciding what to do here, So it is incomplete. I was thinking of boxing in the brick step up part on the bottom with wood. Then putting up shelves from the bottom to the top just underneath the DVD shelf, Then painting it. But still not sure. It will come to me!!! The 4th picture is and what redneck house in complete without sheet curtains. I cannot bring myself to purchase curtains or drapes, I make all my own, or purchase sheets. I loved this look in the dining room, It reminded of an old coffee house. My hubby said it makes him think of milky way bars hahaha I don't get it!!!

This we just did 2 weekends ago, I wanted a spot by the kitchen window where I could put my seeds growing. We had some extra wood and brackets. So hubby put up these two shelves for me. They worked perfect and my seeds are growing like crazy!!!

This was a spot under the bar, bar stools were too expensive and I did not need the eating area. I utilized the area on both sides of the bar. On the kitchen side I had my son make me two supported shelves. I store snack foods and the dishtowels in one3 basket, potholders in another basket on the first shelf. Second shelf is for all my electric devices. Underneath on the floor sets the twins Disney cars stools for helping in the kitchen, And one of my 50# box potatoes.

I re purpose anything I can, I use leftovers completely, Any unused lumber will be used for something, if just blocks for kids, It will be used!!!! Today I am showing you 5 things I have done in the last year to use up stuff and make something I really needed.

First up is my island my hubby made for me. I wanted one really badly, But would never and I mean never pay what they want for one. We had an old butcher block table, that could hardly stand on it's own. The legs were wobbly and broken. My hubby and son took the top, made a base for it, and shelves inside. I like the natural look so I did not paint it. I also had them leave the sides and front and back open. I wanted to incorporate color into it, So I hung curtains on the sides and back. I loveeeeee red check, So I used some material I had found at walmart $1 a yd bin. I also added a towel bar on one side, I had picked up the towel bar a couple summers ago at a yard sale for $.10. I love this island, alot!!!! Happy redneck decorating, Michelle.