Friday, January 22, 2010

Meals one year in advance!!

I saw on yahoo news this morning, This woman that plans her meals one year in advance. She says she has a hectic schedule with 4 boys and their grocery bills were getting out of control. This helped knowing and planning to keep things calm at dinner time and with money. She also started stockpiling when sales hit, Which I already do and think is the best money/time saver anyway. I love the idea of planning your meals one year in advance, Unfortunately that would never work for us, With hubby on call 24 hours a day and most trips gone for 2-3 days at a time, I don't fix big meals when he is not here. But I was thinking how nice it would be to have a master list of all the meals we do like to eat. I could make our list with big meals we like to have and the smaller ones that I fix for just the kids and me with days mixed in for eating up leftovers. This would make a nice go to for me, for ideas for meals, and for shopping. For instance, This week at our local grocery store, Organic chicken breasts were on sale for .99lb, I bought 10 lbs, But when I got home realized that for that price I should have picked up 2 months worth, which for us is about 25 lbs (bone in). So on Monday I will go back before the sale ends and pick up 15 lbs more. If I had this master list made I would have known the amount before I left. I am going to make up my list today and add it to my binder, I love finding new helps for my binder, or my life as I like to call it. Happy organizing, Michelle


live once juicy said...

Wow...that doesn't appeal to me at all! What if you get a new cookbook, or come across a new menu? I wonder how strict she is about it, if she'll let herself deviate if she feels like it. I'd never be able to stick to something like that! lol

frugalredneck said...

I totally agree with you, If you are really rigid like that it probably would work, But like I said we just can't becuase of hubby's work schedule, But I did sit down yesterday and made a master list of all the dinners we like, One list for each type of meat and so on, I think that will be helpful to me for planning shopping and weekly menu's.Michelle

Audra said...

I made a master list of meals with side dishes as recommended on a blog and it has been so handy. She said just brainstorm all the meals your family enjoys complete with side dishes/bread so you don't have to decide all the time. It really helps.