Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Library day!!!!

I don't go to the library that often, Maybe once every 3 months or so. My hubby takes the 3 little ones once a week, to read, play, check out books and movies. This is my time to clean or do anything I want without interruption. But I have a list of books I have heard about or wanted to look at, So today I went. I had a list of around 50 books that looked interesting to me. They only had 3 of them, But I ordered about 25 from other libraries, So should be here within a week or so. I do not like reading fiction, Have no interest whatsoever. I just enjoy learning things, gaining some knowledge. So I got the tightwad gazette, I love flipping through this book every so often reminding myself of frugality. I also got a square foot gardening book to take a look at, I want to do my garden different next year ( year 2) because I did not yield much this year, I need to learn alot about soils and planting. I also checked out 1,628 country shortcuts, Because it looked interesting, And so far it has not disappointed. I actually flipped through this at dinner and everyone got a kick out of hearing some of the ideas, and some we even wrote down to use, Some we already used and the 5 year olds were just amazed that this book knew what we did.
I hopped on the computer a bit ago and the top story on yahoo was about a couple that just won the lottery for 128 million. I don't play the lottery, But it got me thinking......What would I do if I won the lottery, or came into money, Would I change how I live, Would I spend like crazy. I am going to ponder this overnight, Although I know the answer. Think about this seriously, What if anything would you change or do differently if you came into money, serious money???
Until tomorrow, Michelle