Monday, January 25, 2010

Manic Monday!!!

Is it too late to eat my words from yesterday....hahaha. Hubby left for a 2 day work trip this morning, And I am already for him to come back home and help me...I am nuts!!!! Just have to get back in the swing of things again. I am going to do my shopping tonight. Not much in the way of sales this week for me, I did go and buy $25 (25lbs) more of the chicken breasts that were on sale for .99 ( organic, bone in) today, So I am stocked up on those. I am mainly doing coupons that expire soon on stuff I will use or need that are free or free(ish). I also read about a great idea in a book I was reading about using those small plastic containers with lids in your chest freezer, So I saw at Walmart today they were on clearance for 2 for $4. I bought 2 sets 4 containers, Came home and cleaned out and organized my chest freezer. I put meats in two of them, Veggies in one, Odds and ends in the other. I really like this, My freezer was such a mess, Now I just reach in grab the container I need and no more digging!!!! Wanted to also mention this months ALL YOU magazine, I have been getting this magazine since they came out, They have some of the best coupons out there, There have been months where I have bought up to 10 copies because the coupons more then paid for the magazine. This months is a good one, Tonight I will buy another 5 copies. Some of the hot coupons this month are:
Borden singles sensations-$1 off 1 package
$1 off Colgate 360 toothbrush
$.75 off good earth tea
$3 off one nuetrogena makeup
$1 off NYC makeup product of $1.72 or higher
$1 off ovaltine
Free pouch of tuna snack bites
$1 off taco bell queso or salsa

There are alot more in the magazine, these are my favorites, You can also go to for some great stuff and more printable coupons.
Alot of these coupons especially the makeup ones I use at Walgreen's with their sales.
I also want to mention I added their flag to my blog today, I have been using this site for at least 2 years now. You can find any deal or any coupon out there, Lazybear does an awesome job of tracking down everything!!!! Definitely a site to add to your favorites. I use this site at least twice a week. I also use and These are my 3 go to sites for all couponing and all deals grocery and drugstore. These sites help me especially well with my Walgreen's shopping, Take for instance 2 weeks ago, By using these sites and coupons my total bill was $72.00 and after all coupons was $2.12 out of pocket with $13 in register rewards.
I am going to start posting my deals each week and I am getting my digital camera tonight, So will start posting pics YEAHHHHHHH. Happy bargain hunting!!! Michelle